Michela Salibal

Michela started her first piano lesson at Piano Academy - Dr Milica Lawrence in

September 2020. She is a very talented, disciplined, and hard-working student. 

We are so proud of her! Well done Michela and congratulations on your excellent exam results!

Trinity College London - Exam Results


Name: Michela Saliba

Date: 10/10/2021

Classical & Jazz

Grade: 1

Instrument: Piano


Stealth Mode (out of 22):

The ‘sneakily’ character was articulated cleanly and confidently from the outset and the tempo chosen was appropriate. Tone had projection and crossing over hands was reliable, although not all the softer contrasts or nuances were exploited for musical interest. However, playing was rhythmic in a fluent rendition and the energy was well-caught.


Marks: 7 /6 /7 = 20


Pirate Stomp (out of 22):

Tone had much depth in forte and some of the contrasts and ritenuto were conveyed well if not all the pianissimo was demonstrated. However, there was a strong sense of the rhythmic character in a fluent account that conveyed much panache and drives.


Marks: 7/ 6 / 8= 21


Space Walk Rag (out of 22):

The tempo was well-judged for the Rag and this was confidently, stylishly, and persuasively played with neat articulation and a clear feel for the syncopation. Pitches were reliable in a fluent rendition.


Marks: 7 / 7 / 8 = 22


Technical Work (out of 14):

The scales were fluent, prompt, and neat, with mostly even touch. Broken Chords were reliable in pitch and largely well-shaped. Ex. 1B was fluent with balanced hands, although the softer dynamics were missed. Ex. 2A caught the jaunty mood with a bright finish and was secure in coordination, although piano was overlooked.


Mark: 12


Performance Delivery and Focus (out of 10)

The overall performance was mainly assured, but with occasional hurried transitions between items, but the focus was maintained.


Mark: 8


Musical Awareness (out of 10)

There was a secure awareness of style and the ability to move between genres was grasped reliably and maintained as the performances progressed.


Mark: 10


Total: 93 /100


Final result: Distinction!

Andy Falzon

Andy became a student of Piano Academy in December 2020.

Since then, he made great progress. 

Well done Andy, we are so proud of you!

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